Zero (UMVC3)




Zero is a Maverick Hunter from the future, tasked with hunting down rebel robots and defending those around him. Armed with his Z-Saber and Buster arm, he is renowned as one of the finest robot soldiers ever produced. Interestingly enough, however, he was originally created by one of the greatest villains his world had ever seen - Dr. Wily - after accidentally creating a strong, but unruly, prototype robot named Bass.

In a nutshell Zero is a character for any given situation - other than survival. He has an excellent rushdown game with large, multi-hitting normals, a strong zoning game, incredible agility, and extremely long combos that can deal massive damage. Best played with an assist (either for keeping him safe, or extending combos), you should always play Zero either first or second on a team, to build meter and weaken the opponent until your next character can clean up any mess Zero leaves behind. Just keep in mind his low health, and all tools available to him, and Zero is a robotic force to be reckoned with.

Players to Watch

EMP|Flocker, Cloud805, Killer Kai, Flux, Windzero, Mihe, Marn, Bubblan