Wesker (UMVC3)




Albert Wesker was one of the Umbrella Corporation’s top scientists and executives, who had been stationed through connections as the leader of the S.T.A.R.S Alpha Team to save face in public. When his “team” was called to infiltrate a lone mansion, which just so happened to be an Umbrella testing ground, he betrayed his “comrades” and used the incident to test his genetic experiments. When the mansion ended up destroyed, he was presumed dead, but Wesker survived thanks to an experimental virus he injected into himself created by his ally William Birkin prior to being knocked unconscious by a Tyrant. The virus did not zombify him like so many others, instead giving him enhanced reflexes, speed, and strength, as well as the ability to regenerate. He began working in the shadows after Umbrella’s downfall, and eventually secured himself a position within the TriCell corporation, using it as a front to complete his greatest and most diabolical achievement of all - the Uroboros Virus. His ultimate goal was to release his virus into the Earth’s atmosphere, killing millions and selecting only a few “chosen” humans based on DNA to serve him as he ruled the world as a god, but his plans were foiled in one final confrontation with longtime enemy Chris Redfield, who finally killed him for good.

In a nutshell Wesker is back, and this time around he’s out to prove that his claims of godhood are real. His Samurai Edge is as irritating as ever (and is still the best OTG assist in the game), his mobility and speed make his rushdown, mixups, and pressure game a menace, and his teleport shenanigans have been strengthened with the addition of Cobra Strike to his repertoire of teleport cancels. The most jarring, and easily the best change to Wesker, is that when his sunglasses are removed via damage or Phantom Dance, he gains a power boost equivalent to a Level 1 X-Factor. While he suffers from zoning tactics, if you want a character that allows you to make the most of your fundamentals, Wesker is for you.

Players to Watch

Unkn0wn, ChrisG, Viscant, Alukard, Wentinel