Vergil (UMVC3)




The second Son of Sparda, and Dante’s older twin brother who was thought to be dead by him but in reality was merely separated after their mother’s murder. Unlike Dante, who is cocky, hot-blooded, and carefree, Vergil is his polar opposite - cold, aloof, and power-hungry. Blaming himself for his mother’s death, he adopted the philosophy that without power, no one can accomplish anything, and journeyed in search of more demonic power. In contrast to Dante, a gun-wielder, Vergil prefers his father’s katana, Yamato, as well as a variety of bladed weapons. After briefly reuniting with Dante to defeat Arkham and clashing with Dante, he decided to stay in Hell to gain more power, but was unceremoniously ambushed by his father’s enemy Mundus, captured, and brainwashed to become the Dark Knight, Nelo Angelo, and would eventually be killed several years later by Dante. Unbeknownst to all, he is succeeded by Nero, his son from an affair with an unknown woman.

In a nutshell Vergil is a high-damage mixup character. Boasting some of the longest combos in the game, as well as the most powerful Hyper in the game, Vergil is a combo-crazy maniac when on the field. However, he must be played carefully, as many of his normal attacks are easily punished and his overall health is relatively low. Technical players will have a new friend in Vergil.

Players to Watch

Yipes, Padtrick, ChrisG, PR Rog, ShadyK, Cloud805, EMP|Flocker, Tenboss, CrispyTacoz, Richard Nguyen, Clockw0rk, Marn, WinRich, Bubblan, Andre, Drew Grimey