Strider (UMVC3)





In a nutshell The fans asked for him, and he’s back! Everyones favorite future ninja, Strider Hiryu, is almost exactly how you remember him, outside of his Hypers. He has one of the lowest life totals in the game at 750,000 HP, but he makes up for it in his speed, combo potential, mixup power, and having two very potent Level 3 Hypers! When not engaging the opponent one-on-one, his robotic pets also make for a decent zoning game, covering both high and low portions of the screen at an alarming rate. Additionally, he has very solid assists, and his X-Factor makes his speed virtually unrivaled. Future ninjas unite!

Players to Watch

Clockw0rk, Marvelo, Drew Grimey, Killer Kai, Richard Nguyen, Forward, Marn