Ryu (UMVC3)




Ryu trained for years with his friend Ken under the Shotokan master Gouken. As the champion of the first Street Fighter tournament, defeating the Muay Thai king Sagat, Ryu is known as one of the most dedicated fighters. Since his victory Ryu has traveled the globe, participating in subsequent tournaments and continuing his quest to perfect his training.

In a nutshell As the quintessential Street Fighter, Ryu’s game plan is focused on the ability to produce a variety of special moves to counter opponent’s strategies, along with strong mix-up capabilities. He now has additional projectile attacks that are useful in response to a variety of situations as well as his traditional tactics such as the shoryuken and the tatsumakisenpukyaku. Ryu’s new Hado Kakusei mode allows from some additional over-the-top hyper attacks which means he can burn hyper meter pretty quickly. If a new twist on an old favorite sounds good to you then Ryu just might be your newest team member.

Players to Watch

RayRay, ChrisG