Phoenix Wright (UMVC3)



Phoenix Wright

The head of the Wright & Co. Law Offices, which formerly belonged to his long-time mentor Mia Fey (now deceased), Phoenix Wright is perhaps best known for his immense amount of luck and determination. Nick is willing to go to any lengths to find the right evidence to prove his clients’ innocence, and it always turns out well for them in the end. With his mentor’s little sister Maya and her cousin Pearl around to assist him, Wright has managed to defeat many prosecutors, including the infamours “Demon Prosecutor” Manfred von Karma, his daughter Franziska, the mysterious Godot, and his former childhood friend turned greatest rival Miles Edgeworth. Wright maintained a stable career, until one fateful day that would spark a series of tragedies when he met two men by the names of Zak Gramarye and Kristoph Gavin…

In a nutshell The allegorical lawyer is here, and he brings with him the strangest move set and most unique mechanics in UMVC3. Phoenix Wright must spend his time gathering evidence to use against the opponent – which becomes his projectile arsenal – and must be gathered to unlock his Turnabout Mode. In this Mode, he becomes one of the most powerful characters in the game for a small amount of time. During this mode, he also gains arguably the best Hyper in the game, an instantaneous fullscreen Hyper that deals 600k damage! If you love comedy and gambling on high-risk / high reward scenarios, look no further than Phoenix Wright.

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