Nemesis (UMVC3)




The Nemesis T-Type is perhaps the greatest horror created by the Umbrella Corporation. The product of an unholy fusion of a Tyrant and the G-Virus parasite developed by William Birkin, it retains enough intelligence to follow any order, and the particular order it was given was to kill any and all surviving S.T.A.R.S. members, with its main target being Jill Valentine. Nigh-invulnerable and wielding a rocket launcher with ease as well as having several tentacles within its body, it relentlessly hunted Jill. Upon being beaten, Nemesis went berserk and sacrificed its intelligence and regeneration abilities for more power, mutating uncontrollably until it devolved into a mindless, grotesque blob of flesh and tentacles that proved to by highly-volatile when Jill finally killed it for good.

In a nutshell The horrifying tank among monsters, Nemesis is an absolute beast. What he lacks in mobility, he makes up for by having one of the highest health values in the game, armored attacks, and sheer damage output. By using his various armored attacks, Nemesis can get the one hit he needs to go into surprisingly long combos using wall bounces and ground bounces, doing obscene damage. And thanks to his Tentacle Slams, the possibility of resets into instant death is extremely high. And thanks to his ranged attacks, he can play a surprisingly strong keepaway game as well.

Players to Watch

Airtola, Floe, Dansgame, jDog, Fizzykups, residentevilrulz