Haggar (UMVC3)




Mike Haggar, one time professional wrestler and Mayor of Metro City, took up his wrestling mantle once more to keep the streets of his fair city clean and to save his kidnapped daughter, Jessica. Now known as the “Fighting Mayor”, Haggar continues a constant battle against the thugs of Mad Gear.

In a nutshell Haggar is a slow, brute of a grappler with some damaging tricks. His game-plan revolves around slowly stalking his enemies before surprising them with a grab or a lead pipe. Haggar’s lariat move is unique in that it takes some of his health to perform (just like Final Fight!). This must be a trade-off for the fact that the move is fully invincible from head to toe until its recovery time. If slowly stalking your opponents and then scoring huge damage is your game, or you want the only fully invincible assist in the game on your team, give Haggar a spin.

Players to Watch

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