Frank West (UMVC3)



Frank West


In a nutshell Frank West is a unique character that was built for supporting teams. He starts out weak, but by utilizing his snapshot ability, he can level himself up like Dead Rising and become stronger. However, leveling up is directly related to how many hits are done in a combo, so it’s important to set up a big combo to maximize Frank’s abilities. By reaching level 4 and 5, Frank can gain new specials, enhance his current specials, buff his hypers and vastly improve the range and damage of his normal attacks. Additionally, Frank’s Snap Shot is an OTG and his Survival Techniques is easy to whiff, which means you can set up a DHC from a point character into a snap shot and level up. Frank can certainly pose a threat on point, most teams have optimized Frank in the second or third slot.

Players to Watch

Fizzy Kups, ApologyMan, Cless, Bee, Kusorou, Solid Abyss, Justin Wong