C. Viper (UMVC3)



Crimson Viper

The woman codenamed Crimson Viper is a secret agent working for the C.I.A. Her latest assignment from her superiors was to infiltrate the S.I.N. organization headed by Seth in order to gather information on the BLECE Project. Outfitted with a special suit armed with all sorts of gadgets and weapons, including afterburners and tasers, she successfully gains favor with Seth and, for the time being, works with him. When on duty, she is known as Ms. Perfect for how seriously and efficiently she gets the job done. Outside of work, however, she is a loving and caring mother.

In a nutshell Fans have always likened C. Viper’s style to that of former veteran Captain Commando, so it made perfect sense to include her in the lineup of MVC3. Just like in SF4, Viper is a mixup and rushdown powerhouse. What makes her unique from other rushdown characters is the inclusion of the EX versions of her moves from SF4. These versions require one stock of meter each, so she is best used in conjunction with a solid battery to supply her with meter. In addition, she has an airdash to make her mixup more potent than before and to extend combos, as well as a Focus Attack. To compensate for her speed and strength, her health is below average.

Players to Watch

Marlinpie, Full Schedule, Drew Grimey, KBeast, Unkn0wn, Busby

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