Arthur (UMVC3)




The Knight Arthur, noble and strong, had spent many years in service of the king. He had won the heart of the kingdom, the people, and most of all he had won the heart of the king’s daughter, Princess Prin-Prin. Terror struck the evening they were to be wed as Loki, the lord of the Ghoul Realm, captured the Princess and took her away to his palace. Arthur adventured to defeat Loki and his followers and continues to keep the realm free of Ghosts and Ghouls.

In a nutshell Arthur is full of projectiles that can cause a lot of chip damage against a guarding opponent or control the space with an advancing opponent. Even when an opponent attacks point blank Arthur has tools such as his Shield Deflect to parry the opponents attack. If chip and run with a slew of weapons is your cup of tea then Arthur will be a great addition to your team.

Players to Watch

Rikir, Realpotix, Marvisto

Character Specific Information