Angel (2k2um)



Liste des coups

Coups normaux


Go-go Futen Girl Proche, b ou f + C
Starlit Field Proche, b ou f + D

Command Moves

Senseless Chatter f + B
At Wasteland d + D in air

Special Moves

Red Sky of Japonesia hcb + K
Mad Murder Roulette rdp + K
+Chain Begin Moves+
Formalists’ Blue df + B
Citizens of the World: df + D
Senseless Fists b, f + K
Repun Kamui qcb + P
Beyond Frames hcf + K
+Chain Circle Moves+
Bye Bye Rouge u + P
Shelter From Storm u + K
Buggy And Coffin f + P
With A Lamp For Pathway f + K
Train To See Cherry Blossoms d + P
Impotent Symptom d + K
+Special Circle Move+
Omogatoki b ou f ou neutre + B + C + D
+Chain Finisher Moves+
Crown Under Sky f, f + A
Fullmoon Evening f, f + C
State Of Heat Haze f, f + K
Cosmic Futen Swing qcb + A
Lost Homeland qcb + C
Beyond Frames qcf + K


Loyalty Test For Liberalists b, f, d, df + P

Super Desperation

Loyalty Test For Liberalists b, f, d, df + A + C
Winds Fairground b, f, d, df + B + D (ennemi au sol)
Blue Monday Parade b, f, d, df + B + D (ennemi en l’air)

Hidden Super Desperation

Survivor’s Banquet d, d, d + C + D Sur un ennemi par terre