Amaterasu (UMVC3)




Amaterasu, the sun goddess, lost her physical form defeating the True Orochi. 100 years later she was resurrected in the form of a wolf who now uses her powers to restore beauty to the islands of Japan.

In a nutshell Amaterasu is a very unique and versatile character due to her extensive weapons and swift defense. She is well equiped to force the opponent into a corner through the use of her Thunder Edge and airdash creating situations to increase preasure and extend combos, also with the use of airdash. A new change to the game system in Ultimate prevents blocking while airdashing which leaves her vulnerable to counter attacks. Lastly, Ammy is shorter than many standing attacks leaving the opponent vulnerable to retaliation.

Players to Watch

TA|Moonz, Zak Bennet, Marlinpie, LLND, X-Ray, Udaterasu

Character Specific Information